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MAI Systems Analyst (0050-018
Location: Norfolk VA
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Description of Duties:

Must have current or recent experience within two (2) years unless designated below. Ability to utilize computers including the Microsoft Office Suite for compiling information for reports and history files. Ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally.
Minimum of five (5) years utilizing 3M system software or Assessment Program software as utilized by NAVY assessment programs. Minimum of five (5) years’ experience in support of the surface TSRA and/or CMP processes. Minimum of two (2) years’ experience in process analysis and evaluation. Ability to communicate effectively to upper NAVY management both orally and in writing.
Position Description:
• Full-Time on-site support at COMNAVSURFLANT to support conducting analysis, review or discussion of fleet maintenance programs and initiatives as they relate to MAI and TSRA.
• Develop and maintain training presentation on MAI Agenda building for introductory and refresher training to RMC Assessment Directors and other personnel as assigned.
• Periodically review TSRA Visit Matrix for accuracy and maintain quarterly current version and annual baseline version on CNSL website. Provide support for draft and submission of annual revision to the baseline TSRA Visit Matrix CNSL/CNSP/CNRMC Notice. Coordinate with cognizant Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs) for development and submission accuracy of changes submitted to the TSRA Visit Matrix.
• Attend MAI/TSRA related meetings, conferences, development working groups, seminars, etc., as required and report results to ALL SME’s.
• Review feedback provided by RMC Assessment Directors (ADs), CAP, CNRMC and TYCOM POCs for potential changes to MAI tables or process adjustments. Review feedback with MAI team to improve MAI recommendations to all SME’s.
• Provide detailed process map that documents the MAI agenda building process for accurate improvement discussions and process or data change impact assessments.
• Collect, maintain and provide MAI metrics consisting of, but not limited to: end-to-end process map, long range TSRA schedule, quarterly agenda processing report (in coordination with Quarterly TSRA Reviews), and periodic status report on CAP/SURFMEPP alignment.
• Provide problem review and resolution for MAI/SPEAR issues submitted to PMO-IT via PECS/311 trouble reporting system.
• Provide assistance to PMO-IT Operations or Development Codes for MAI/SPEAR issue identification or definition, question answering or problem resolution/mitigation.

Special Requirements:

High School or GED

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