Phoenix Group services include Program Management, Damage Control, Ship Alteration, Integrated Logistics(ILS), Ship Board Installation, and Integrated Ship Control System(ISCS).

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Engineering Services

Phoenix Group provided system-engineering support for the US Coast Guard WLB/WLM Land Based Support Facility (LBSF) at C2 Center and Engineering Logistics Center (ELC) that included planning, analysis, design, evaluation, testing, and quality assurance for the Integrated Ship Control System (ISCS), Integrated Ship Control Training Systems (ISCTS) and Buoy Handling System (BHS). Key functions included technical support and system upgrade for Commandant G-AWL, LBSF at C2CEN and ELC engineering and support staffs, and acting as the installation agent for ISCS upgrades. We assisted in upgrade and technical refreshment planning, and our personnel developed and installed ISCS hardware and software upgrades. Phoenix Group performed integration and testing of proposed software and hardware upgrades, third party verification of newly installed and upgraded systems through the Ships Operation and Verification Testing (SOVT) program, and provided baseline testing of new hardware and software before fielding. Phoenix Group also conducted a machinery assessment of the Buoy Handling System (BHS), checking that the system operated within established parameters, made adjustments, and submitted maintenance requirements to port engineers, This program resulted in extending the time between system teardown, and increased the system operational reliability and availability.

Shipboard Installation

Phoenix Group has extensive experience in scheduling, man power management, material support, and technical support for U.S. Navy ship alterations on all classes of surface ships and aircraft carriers. Phoenix Group is the alteration installation team (AIT) for the Damage Control Inventory Management and Stowage System (DCIMSS) ship alteration for CVN 68 class aircraft carriers and DDG51 class destroyers; we have completed 10 aircraft carriers and 23 destroyer installations, 1 FFG and 1 LCC. . Working within the guidance of the Fleet Maintenance Manual and Ship Main Program. we work closely with program managers and others within the U.S. Navy to plan and execute the installations. As a qualified AIT, Phoenix Group follows NAVSEA approved Quality Management System (QMS) and fully understands all aspects of advanced planning and documentation required to perform work aboard U.S. Navy ships. Phoenix Group routinely completes all pre- installation requirements needed to check into Regional Maintenance and Modernization Coordination Office (RMMCO) and post-installation requirements for RMMCO check-out. This includes assembly of all integrated logistic support (ILS) documentation, ship checks, and installation/removal and red lined drawings needed to document the installation. Phoenix Group’s NAVSEA approved QMS manual and all supporting procedures are applicable to all U.S. Government contracts or other tasks that require an inspection system or formal quality system. For each installation, we clearly articulate performance requirements, schedules, and deliverables, and track and measure progress against established milestones. We understand that quality management consists of three fundamental components that work together to ensure that the needs and expectations of internal and external:

- Quality Planning. Determining which quality standards are relevant and determining how to satisfy them

Quality Assurance. Ensuring that all planned and systematic activities implemented within the quality system provide confidence that the relevant standards are satisfied

Quality Control. Monitoring specific project results to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards.

Our QMS requires that we coordinate with other activities, such as planning yards, shipyards, and RMMCO to determine specific and/or unique requirements, and we update our planning documents accordingly to account for and to implement all requirements. We hold pre-activity briefings to ensure our personnel understand all requirements to identify and account for risks in our planning and execution.

Phoenix Group has qualified performance technologist capable of analyzing and creating classroom and on line training products. We provide services to the US Coast Guard Logistics Transformation Team in legacy and newly introduced logistics processes and software programs.

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