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Former USAF Air Battle Manager/C2 Officer with 15 years corporate experience – extensive joint and combined expertise

Corporate experience includes: Broad-ranging experience in U.S. and NATO capability solutions development and operations support including: training and education; concept development and experimentation; lessons learned; operational capabilities requirements analysis; and doctrine and policy development. Exercise design, planning, execution, and post event analysis using U.S. Joint Event Life Cycle and NATO Exercise Planning Process. U.S. and NATO Concept Development and Experimentation design including technology insertion – integrating concept development with operational research systems analysis, synthesis, and experiment support. Projects included: NATO Federated Mission Networking Plans and Integration; Ballistic Missile Defense – Command and Control Integration; DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) products development for USAF Air Operations Center (AOC) Mission Threads; Concept Developer for Interagency and Multinational Information Sharing Architecture and Solutions; Multi-National Experiment Lead Concept Developer for shared cross-cultural awareness as applied to the NATO Operational Planning Process; Single Integrated Air Picture Implementation Analysis; and NATO Capabilities and Infrastructure Development.
Military experience includes: Diverse 26-year career as USAF Officer and US Army enlisted NCO with exchange tours with USN/USMC: USAF Air Battle Manager using various theater C2 systems; NATO AWACS Tactical Director – Instructor/Mission Crew Commander (Bosnia) and USAF AWACS Air Surveillance Officer; Ground TACS Air Weapons Controller; USAF Air Operations Exchange Officer to USN Amphibious Task Force (First Gulf War); Liaison at USAF AOC (First Gulf War) and NATO CAOC (Bosnia); Chief of USN Aegis Officer Training Courses and SME technical support/USAF Exchange Technical Instructor – Aegis Training and Readiness Center; US Army Airborne Infantryman and Pathfinder, 82nd Airborne.
Education: MA, Aeronautical Studies in Operations, Embry-Riddle University; BA, Communications, Glassboro State College; Project Management Professional (leading to certification), Old Dominion University.

Operations Research Analyst and Former Navy O-6 Nuclear-Trained Submariner with 21 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: Ten years as contractor Team Lead, Lead analyst, or Experiment Designer/Controller in support of US Joint Forces Command/US Joint Staff experimentation, wargaming, and analytical projects. Focus included design of experimentation /wargame events, developing and executing data collection plans, and conducting analysis of event data to support defendable conclusions. Recent projects supported include the CJCS’ inaugural Iron Crucible Wargame (IC14), USSTRATCOM’s Cyberspace Situational Awareness Effectiveness Experiment, USAFRICOM’s Civil Affairs Planning and Operations in Steady State Operations (CAPASSO) project, and USEUCOM/USAFRICOM’s Interagency and Multinational Information Sharing Architecture and Solutions (IMISAS). Six years as a Joint Wargaming Technical Lead and Lead Analyst supporting assessment and analysis of alternatives for multiple Navy organizations, OSD, US Transportation Command, and other agencies. Five years as Program Manager leading various tasks in support of OPNAV, NAVSEA, Navy Acquisition Reform Office, and USAF Training and Exercise Office.
Military experience includes: Nuclear-trained Submarine Officer with SS/SSN experience in five operational submarines in both Atlantic/Pacific arenas, including SSN command. Shore tours included OPNAV Project Manager, and Undersea Warfare billets as instructor at the ASW Masters Course, and Deputy Commander IUSS Atlantic.
Education: BS, Mathematics, USNA; MS, Operations Research, Stanford University; MS, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University.

Former O5 US Army Combat Arms Officer with 12 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: 12 years in support of training, simulations and experimentation for the US Army, US Joint Forces Command and Allied Command Transformation (ACT, NATO): Conducted the initial training analysis for the Army’s Unit of Action; Managed the development of JFCOM (J9) Joint Simulated Automated Forces (JSAF) simulation and its use in Multinational Experiment 3, and JFCOM Urban Resolve experiments; Three years assisting program and project management for experiments in ACT, followed by four years of writing concepts, designing and executing experiments to increase NATO Capability. Projects support included: Maritime Situational Awareness, CBRN Maritime Concept, C-IED SOP (Operational level), Alternative Analysis, Security Force Assistance, and Operational Logistics Chain Management. Additionally, instructed the NATO Concept Development and Experimentation Course to NATO and other international students.
Military experience includes: Commander and Staff Officer positions from Battalion to MACOM level; Tactical Armor/Cavalry experience from platoon through brigade level in a variety of CONUS and OCONUS assignments; Operations Officer and Observer/Controller for the establishment of the Virtual Training Center (Fort Knox); Wrote the US Army Infantry Center and School’s Vision Statement as Chief, Concepts, Analysis and Integration Division at Fort Benning; Authored the original DA PAM, Standards in Weapons Training (STRAC) while Armor Project Officer at Fort Eustis; and was assigned Professor of Military Science, New Mexico State University.
Education: BS, Political Science, Arizona State University; Master of Military Arts and Science, US Army Command and General Staff College; PRINCE2 Practitioner

Former 0-7/Army Combat Arms officer with extensive NATO experience

Extensive experience in political-military interaction; strategic level analysis, management and planning; and international negotiations and cooperation at General Command- and Ministry of Defense levels throughout NATO and at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.
Military experience includes: 10 years in support of planning, strategic management, and strategic level analysis for NATO: Two years as Assistant Chief of Staff, Defense Planning at Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, Norfolk, Virginia, responsible for the military part of NATO’s Defense Planning; two years as Director, Capability Management at Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium, responsible for SHAPE’s strategic management and for representing SHAPE at NATO Headquarters in all capability-related issues. Two and a half year as Commander, NATO’s Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre in Lisbon, Portugal, leading the conduct of 12-14 strategic level analysis projects per year offering substantial recommendations for change, and providing critical analysis support to NATO-led training. Three and a half year as National Liaison Representative to Headquarters, Allied Command Transformation. Served 13 years in the Danish Ministry of Defence, four of which as Deputy Permanent Secretary for Defense and National Armaments Director. Commanded the Danish Reaction Brigade, assigned to NATO’s Rapid Reaction Forces; the Danish Battlegroup to SFOR in Bosnia; and a Tank Batallion in the Danish Army. Served more than 41 years in the Danish Army.
Education: Military Education includes the Danish Army Academy; the Danish General Command and Staff Course; and the Higher Command and Staff Course at Staff College, Camberly, Great Britain.

Navy Flag Officer with 16 years corporate experience. Executive Director of Phoenix Group

Serving as an Outside Director for BMT Designers and Planners in the DC area. Serving as Chairman of the Board for Chartway Federal Credit Union Support Organization. Serving as Vice Chairman of the Military Economic Development Advisory Committee for the City of Virginia Beach. Developing and delivering briefings to Naval Officers on their way to Command of Navy Ships. The two day briefings are given at the Surface Warfare Officers School in Newport, RI in support of The Surface Force Commander's effort to increase Officer knowledge of ship maintenance and readiness. Naval Service: Completed 34 years in the Navy as President, Board of Inspection and Survey. Had the following Commands, Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, Surface Force Logistics Group, Nuclear Powered Cruiser, Frigate. Served as Engineer on a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier. Served as the Executive Officer on a Destroyer home ported in Athens, Greece.
Education: MS in Physics from Naval Postgraduate School; BS in Naval Engineering from the United States Naval Academy; Command and Staff Course in Newport, RI; Navy Nuclear Power School in Vallejo, CA and Idaho Falls, ID.

Former O-6/Naval Aviator with over 6 years of corporate experience

More than 15 years in program and project management, administration, and multinational strategic staff experience. Six years' experience providing contractor program and project management support to the Supreme Allied Command, Transformation NATO Experimentation Program of Work (EPOW) managing 24 highly qualified subject matter experts in the development, planning and execution of multi-national operational experiments and NATO concept development. Three years' experience providing program management support to a 12 person team providing analytic support to the U.S Joint and Coalition Warfare Center Solution and Evaluation Groups' Joint Concept Development and Experimentation (JCD&E) efforts in addressing joint warfighter challenges.
Military experience includes: SH-60B Seahawk pilot with operational tours as Detachment OIC, Squadron Commander, flight operations off CVN, CG, DDG, and FFG class ships; LHA AIRBOSS - fully conversant with ARG/MEU shipboard flight operations; NATO Strategic Operations Center Director - provided guidance and direction, training requirement definition and execution, exercise development and operational tasking.
Education: BA, History, Political Science; Graduate USMC Command and Staff College, JPME I & II; Prince2 Project Management Certified.

Former O-6/Naval Surface Warfare Officer with 15 years corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: Developed cost benefit analysis studies, independent reviews, and business process mapping that provided the basis for sound logistics, maintenance and acquisition decisions by OPNAV, NAVSEA, Program Executive Office (PEO) Submarines, PEO Carriers, Fleet Forces Command, AIRLANT, and SUPSHIP Portsmouth. Supported Norfolk Ship Support Activity (NSSA) and Commander Navy Regional Maintenance Centers (CNRMC) as the Phoenix Group Program Manager for developing the Navy-wide program to track and forecast Regional Maintenance Centers' workload that supports global ship maintenance.
Military experience includes: Three tours as Commanding Officer, five tours at sea in engineering billets with three tours as Chief Engineer. Commanding Officer Board of Inspection and Survey, Atlantic (INSURV), conducted material inspections, and contract trials on aircraft carriers and surface ships; Commanding Officer, USS Yellowstone (AD-41) for 27 months including two deployments before, during and after the war in the gulf (Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm); Commanding Officer, USS Kirk (FF-1087) and Engineering Officer, USS Coral Sea (CV-43).
Education: BS, Engineering, USNA; US Naval War College

Former USN Nuclear-Trained Surface Warfare Officer with 16 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: Three years as Joint Wargaming Modeler/Analyst supporting assessment and analysis of alternatives for multiple Navy organizations, OSD and US Transportation Command. One year as Education SME supporting JPME curriculum enhancement and technology integration for Joint Forces Staff College. Three years as Program Manager for the development, testing, field installation, and depot level support of the US Navy's Airborne Mine Countermeasures Data Link Processor System. Nine years as a contractor Team Lead, Lead Writer and Experiment Designer/Controller in support of US Joint Forces Command/US Joint Staff including the development of three Secretary of Defense-approved joint operating concepts and extensive experimentation in partnership with the US Pacific, Southern, Africa, European and Northern Commands, the Services, OSD, MDA, DOS, USAID, multinational partners and the academic community. Focus areas included major combat operations; steady state cooperative security planning and assessment; joint distributed operations; Homeland BMD.
Military experience includes: Nuclear - trained SWO with cruiser, destroyer, carrier and destroyer tender operational tours. Faculty tours at USNA and Joint Forces Staff College. Proven sub-specialist in naval education and training and naval systems engineering.
Education: BS, Mathematics, USNA

Former USAF Weapons Systems Officer (F-4 and F-111) with 20 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: Three years as Senior Program Manager for Frontier Technology Inc. developing force structure and wargaming analysis for DARPA and DoD; four years as Instructor Controller and Systems Analyst for Cubic Applications Inc. supporting JTASC wargaming simulation development using CBS, RESA, AWSIM, JTLS, and JCM; three years as Principal Engineer for TRW supporting JTASC training analysis and program development; eleven years as an Associate for Booz Allen Hamilton supporting JTASC training as a senior wargame Operations Research Analyst and NATO experimentation as Lead Experimentation Analyst (five years); one year as Operations Research Analyst for Phoenix-Group supporting NATO as an experimentation SME and Program Manager for JCW Concept Development.
Military experience includes: F-4 combat tour and F111 Fighter Weapons Instructor Course Graduate with headquarters tours in Plans Negotiations (UK) and Budget Programming (HQ TAC; now ACC).
Education: BS Civil Engineering, Texas A&M; MS Systems Management, Troy State; MS Mathematics (Operations Research), College of W&M.

Retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer (Naval Engineering) with over 30 years of service

Corporate experience includes: Over four years as project manager for a real estate company overseeing condominium and homeowners associations maintenance and rehabilitation contracts. Four years as project manager, project/team leader, and senior engineer directly involved in performing and supervising machinery and electronic equipment assessments - Results used to establish life-cycle management and engineering support for integrated ship control, navigation, propulsion and weight handling systems in the Coast Guard coastal and ocean going buoy tender fleets.
Military experience includes: Seven consecutive tours as Engineer Officer. Commissioned two 225-foot USCG WLB replacement cutters. Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the development and fleet wide implementation of computer-based watch qualification system for Engineer of the Watch, Journeyman Engineer, in port Officer of the Deck, and all Damage Control Watch Stations working with the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division (NAWCTSD), Orlando, FL. Prototyped phase one and two of the buoy deck and crane cab redesign. Completed major upgrades to installed WLB crane electronic control system (Beech Panel and Controls system installation and testing). Developed integration solution for using LAN inputs to CG ATON (aids to navigation) positioning system, with an article published in the Coast Guard National Aids to Navigation Bulletin.
Education: Damage Control Assistant, SWOSSCOLCOM, Newport, RI with distinction. Earned multiple Caterpillar Operator and Master Mechanic Certifications.

18 Years Corporate Experienced Program Manager and prior USN

Corporate experience includes: 20 years of hands-on experience supervisory roles ranging from technical level to executive management. Ten years maintaining responsibility for the funding, detailed tracking, acquisition management and execution of many NATO Command and Control Deployment and Sustainment (C2DS) divisional projects and programs resulting in subject matter expertise in areas to include but not limited to Urbanisation, NATO Information Management Experiment (NIMEx), Distributed Training and Exercises (DTE), NATO Common Operating Picture (NCOP), Federated Mission Networking (FMN), Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (JISR), IP over SATCOM, Biometrics, SOF C2, Deployable Communication and Information Systems (DCIS), Land Command and Control Information System (LC2IS), Multinational Interoperability Protocol (MIP), Core and Functional Services, Operational Logistics Chain Management (OLCM), Interoperability Standardisation, Information Exchange Gateways (IEGs), Information Assurance (IA), Cyber Defence, Air C2, Air Command and Control System (ACCS) and STRATCOM. Supported the Counter Improvised Explosive Device (CIED) division in the development of standoff countermeasures designed to Deter, Detect, Defeat, Prevent, and Respond to IED threats. (Example projects include: NIRF, Talon, PackBot, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy System (LIBS), and Up-Armor M998 HUMVEE’s (UAH). Worked with the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s Dahlgren Laboratory in the development and design of initial Neutralizing Improvised Explosive Devices with Radio Frequency (NIRF) projects. Assisted in the concept development, design, testing, acquisition and deployment to Iraq of the US Army’s Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) system of systems. Subject matter specialist to the U.S. Air Force for the assessment of concepts, operational needs statements, lessons learned and ways ahead for the determination of current and future force capability requirements.
Military experience includes: Served as combat air controller for helicopters, anti-submarine patrol aircraft and jet strike fighter aircraft. Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Air Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Amphibious Warfare, Mine Warfare, Naval Gunfire Support and Search and Rescue (SAR) operations support.
Education: American Intercontinental University, PRINCE2 Practitioner Certified.

Management Consultant, former Chief Financial Officer, and former US Coast Guard Officer

Corporate experience includes: Over 14 years of corporate experience with responsibilities such as: Consultant to business owners, executives, and senior managers on improving business performance and increasing profitability through strategic planning, financial analysis, performance monitoring, process improvement, project management, and technology planning/implementation. Six years as Chief Financial Officer as the executive responsible for financial performance of the company and for managing corporate business functions including: accounting, contracts, human resources, and information technology. Led development of contractor policies, processes, and procedures to meet stringent regulatory requirements. Contractor Project Manager for two years for the Joint Forces Command, Joint Experimentation (J9) Innovation Group, Capability Engineering Department and project lead for the Joint Experimentation Service Oriented Architecture development project. Served two years as Senior Program Manager for software engineering and technical support on the US Army Secure Enroute Communications Package - Improved (SECOMP-I) Program. As Proposal Manager for three years, identified and tracked Federal government business opportunities, and serves in various roles during proposal development. Organized and developed a formal Proposal Development Process. Performed review and mark up of all corporate non-disclosure, teaming, license, reseller, and legal agreements for the Executive Vice President.
Military experience includes: Over 24 years of US Coast Guard experience. Managed multi-million dollar Information Technology projects and served as the Contracting Officer\'s Technical Representative (COTR) on an aviation logistics Information System operation and maintenance contract and alternate COTR and Assistant Project Manager on an information system development contract. Managed Web Application development, Decision Support System development, and Automated Identification Technology analysis projects. Directed the overall maintenance of six Falcon 20 business jets (HU-25), managing over 60 maintenance personnel. Served as a Total Quality Management (TQM) facilitator and an internal TQM and business process improvement consultant. Served over ten years as Computer Media Center Manager and Computer Based Training Developer. Developed award winning aircraft systems simulations and Computer Based Training for training aviation maintenance personnel. Served as a beta tester for Apple Computer, Inc. Frequent international conference speaker for highly rated presentations on the benefits, use, and limitations of computer based training. Served as the technology representative on the planning staff of a State University Regional Technology Center and served on the USCG Technology Advisory Committee. Recipient of Federal Computer Week’s Federal 100 Award for work on computers and aircraft system simulations.
Education: BS, Liberal Arts/Business Administration, University of the State of New York; Education Administration Graduate courses, East Carolina University, Federal Contracting Course, George Washington University

Former Army Officer with expertise in logistics

Logistics Expert at national, joint, and multinational levels … Proven performer as an Army Officer and as a Contractor supporting both US Joint Forces Command and NATO Allied Command Transformation. Seasoned problem solver, bilingual communicator, and Certified PMP Practitioner.
Corporate experience includes: Multiple projects and extensive work conducted in Africa – As a member of a US State Department team, served as the Advisor to the Director of Procurement for the Ministry of Defense of South Sudan, providing guidance and expertise on procurement, acquisition and logistics issues. Produced a five-year transformational plan; As an Instructor for the US Embassy for Guinea, developed a training plan and conducted a National Security Strategy seminar at Ministerial and FO/GO levels; As a Principal Logistics Analyst, worked on several US JFCOM experiments and exercises including the Adaptive Logistics Network for US AFRICOM, a multinational event involving NATO and PfP Nations, Humanitarian Organizations (IOs, GOs, NGOs, PVOs), and civilian business partners. Coordinated the NATO engagement program, managed the scenario for a Whole-of-Government approach responding to a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief. Provided expert advice for the analysis and evaluation of future medical and logistics concepts and technologies; As an Operational Experimenter for NATO ACT Integrated Logistics, planned, designed, and executed the Logistics and Medical experimentation program of work. Designed measurement tools, collected, analyzed, and presented qualitative and quantitative evidence. Evaluated various prototypes and produced reports for final analysis; Worked with the ACT Modelling and Simulation experimentation team – Participated in several working groups including Industry Battle Laboratory Working Groups directed by the NATO Industrial Advisory Group.
Military experience includes: Served as an Army Logistics Officer in various Command and Staff appointments – Experienced in supply chain management, movement and transportation, base camp support, fuels, ammunition, water production, and medical support. Planned, coordinated and executed the logistics support, transportation and movement of personnel and equipment for numerous joint and combined NATO and PfP exercises; Coordinated the air, rail and sea deployments of up to 12,000 US troops located in more than 500 locations and moving to multiple destinations while supporting major US exercises involving NATO and PfP Nations.
Education: BA, Business Administration, Canadian Military College; Graduate of Land Forces Command and Staff College, Canada, and Joint Forces Staff College, Norfolk, Virginia; PRINCE 2 Practitioner.

Former US Army O5 with 28 years in Special Operations (Civil Affairs, Peace Operations and Psychological Operations); PhD and internationally recognized expert

Corporate experience includes: Seven years as Director of Strategy and Plans for a major Navy command conducting Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Assistance Training; Navy’s subject matter expert in Civil Affairs – created seminal doctrinal documents, strategic communications plans and training requirements to support the Navy’s singular Maritime Civil Affairs capability; As an internationally recognized expert on the subject of Civil Military Interaction, worked directly with NATO’s CIMIC Centre of Excellence and NATO’s MIO Training Centre on strategy and operations; As an independent consultant to the US Army War College, developed a Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses on Peace and Stability Operations; Developed an online program for Military Observers in peacekeeping operations for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR).
Military experience includes: Professor of Strategic Planning at the Joint Forces Staff College teaching Phase II, Joint Professional Military Education and elective courses on Special Operations and the United Nations. Developed and maintained lessons and Exercises for distance education students. Concurrently deployed to serve as academic advisor to the Commandant, Ethiopian Defense Command and Staff College – was responsible for development of 27 courses and served as first US faculty instructor; Commanding Officer of the U.S. Military Observers (Peacekeepers) to the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea; G5/CIMIC Officer responsible for all humanitarian assistance projects throughout the mission area; As Chief, Programs Division, US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), responsible for the management of over 1,700 U.S. Army courses throughout 17 TRADOC installations with a budget in excess of $50,000,000 while supervising several senior personnel; As Deputy G3 to a two-star Civil Affairs Command, responsible for operational deployments in support of CENTCOM. Deployed to five named operations and commanded three units (Peace Operations and Psychological Operations).
Education: Post Doctorate Certificate in Organizational Management, Regent University (in progress); PhD Educational Administration, Walden University; MS Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College; MS Strategic Intelligence with a concentration in Terrorism and Low Intensity Conflict, Joint Military Intelligence College; MS Educational Administration, Morgan State University; MA Special Education, Loyola College; BS History and Education, Duquesne University

Former O-5 US Army Communications/Information Systems and Public Affairs Officer with 13 years of Corporate Experience

Corporate experience includes: 12 years of Telecommunications Acquisition and Implementation Management; Project Management, Capability and Concept Development Experimentation in both U.S. and International settings; Two years as a Capability and Implementation Officer for a NATO Mission Networking capability; Six years of as Project Coordinator for twelve different Communication and Information Technology projects resulting in the fielding of the Initial NATO Rapid Reaction Force Capability; Four years as Project Manager and Concept Developer for United States Joint Forces Command. Deputy Project Manager for a $72M Theater Effects Based Operations Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (TEBO ACTD) – led a six-person team.
Military experience includes: Communications and Information Systems Tactical and Operational experience – Served as Commander from Company to Battalion level, served as Staff Officer from Company to Combatant Command level and earned designation as Joint Specialty Officer; Served in secondary specialty, Public Affairs (Broadcasting), as Deputy Commander and Commander for American Forces Networks in Europe and Korea respectively.
Education: BA, Advertising, Marshall University; MPA, Public Administration, Brenau University; MS Information Systems Management, Troy University; US Army Command and General Staff College; Armed Force Staff College. Network+ Certified, CompTIA

Former O5 US Army Combat Arms Officer with 19 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: 19 years in support of training and simulations. Developed, planned, executed, and evaluated over 35 joint, inter-agency, and combined computer-assisted exercises in the Joint Warfighting Center supporting Combatant Commands at the strategic and operational levels. Three years working deployment/re-deployment planning and execution - Analyzed and assessed defense deployment systems, then provided solutions to deficiencies in the areas of training and execution. Two years as Identity Operations Manager for USJFCOM responsible for the integration of biometrics requirements and training into exercises, experiments, and doctrine development - supported the Biometrics Identity Management Agency and USSOCOM.
Military experience includes: Tactical and Operational experience as a Commander and Staff Officer from Battalion to Corps level. Nuclear qualified Field Artillery Officer and designated Joint Specialty Officer. Served in the Force Modernization Directorate on the Department of the Army Staff as Action Officer - long-range planning, programming, budgeting, and systems execution experience. Served as a Congressional Liaison Officer. Joint and Combined Lead Instructor and Division Chief at the Armed Forces Staff College - Master Faculty designation.
Education: BA, History Virginia Military Institute; MA, Management, Webster University; US Army Command and General Staff College; Armed Force Staff College

Operations Research Analyst / Former USAF O-5

Corporate experience includes: Technical abilities demonstrated as a Modeling and Simulation Analyst, Industry Engagement Analyst and Experiment Planner: Five years as a Senior Engineer Analyst developing custom software planning tools and collaborative technologies for building partner capacity in support of US DoD, State Department, and NATO; two years as a Technical Systems Analyst supporting the Chief of Staff, U.S. Joint Forces Command, to catalogue and assess the technical readiness of programs including ballistic missile defense, sensors for aircraft and space systems, broadband communications, wireless technologies, networks, cyber, and model development for national defense, humanitarian aid, and security assistance applications; two years as an Operations Research Analyst for modeling and simulation support to the Joint Staff J7 to include requirements definition, mission effectiveness, and cost control modeling for JCIDS joint urgent operational need assessment.
Military experience includes: USAF fighter-bomber, UAV, and flight test operations; Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, US Air Force Academy; Program Manager for Future Technologies, ACC; Contingency plans, US Air Forces Europe.
Education: BS, Civil Engineering, Iowa State; MS, Engineering Management (Materials), Washington State; Currently attending the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy and Operations Research, College of William and Mary.

Former Civil Service with 36 years of DOD/DON experience

Recently served as Navy Munitions Command Detachment Yorktown Operations Director and Deputy Officer in Charge.
Corporate experience includes: 12 years as senior civilian responsible for overall ordnance management programs in Yorktown. During career, responsible for the administration of several major complex programs to include: Fleet Ordnance Support (FOS) , Weapons Maintenance (Tomahawk/Harpoon/Sidewinder/Sparrow/Hellfire missiles, Lightweight Torpedo); Receipt, storage, segregation and issue of surface and sub-surface ordnance; Industrial and Explosives Safety and Security Management; Inventory management and control; Financial management; Weapons Quality Assurance/Quality Control; and out-loading/transshipment of explosives world-wide, by ship/truck/rail/air. Notable highlights: Original manager of Navy's civilian "Fly Away Team" mobile workforce concept and Team Lead for the weapons offload of the USS Cole after the terrorist strike. Skilled and proven in innovation, logistics/process analysis and streamlining, financial and statistical data collection, trend analysis, cost estimates, operations planning, and corrective solution applications.
Education: Christopher Newport University

Former O-6/Army Aviator with over 6 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: One year of experience as subject matter expert for major four-star headquarters conducting business process improvement and culture change programs. Manufacturing supervisor, quality control engineer and production control supervisor for major defense electronics contractor.
Military experience includes: Army Reserve Advisor to the Commandant of the Army War College and faculty instructor and advisor at the Army War College. Deputy Commander for Readiness for a two-star regional command and headquarters spanning three-state area. Strategic Initiatives Officer at the Pentagon developing enterprise policy for operations, mobilization and training of Army Reserve units. Led team for distance learning implementation project in support of Army Distance Learning Office at US Army Training and Doctrine Command. Training Force Integrator for training of Army Reserve personnel at major Army training bases. Commanded three aviation companies and detachments serving in continental United States and in deployments to Central America. Qualified as pilot in UH-1H, AH-1S and OH-58 military helicopters.
Education: BS in Applied Sciences and Engineering, USMA. MBA Technology Management, University of Phoenix. Graduate of Inter-American Defense College, Army Management Staff College and Army Command and General Staff College.

Former USAF Air Traffic Control/C2 Officer with 10 years of corporate experience

Corporate experience includes: Two years as Regional Director for Teledyne CollaborX, Inc. - responsible for operation/management of company contracts in the Eastern US and related human resource, security, funding, contracting, business development, marketing, and quality assurance activities; Three years as regional manager for business development - led teaming efforts, crafted bid and proposal documents, sustained/expanded acquisition, operations, and production activities in support of USAF, USN, US Army, USCG, and Department of Defense (DoD) customers; Five years as program manager/task lead/technical analyst responsible for 10-member team supporting USAF Command and Control (C2) system development and DoD concept development and experimentation activities. Lead author for JCS-approved Joint Urban Operations Concept.
Military experience includes: 21-year career encompassed numerous Air Traffic Control (ATC)/Airfield Operations assignments as a Flight Commander, Chief of ATC Operations, and lead command IG inspector; Deployed assignments include combat airspace manager and ATC Liaison; Headquarters assignments include C2 system acquisition and sustainment responsibilities. Certified in radar approach control, air route traffic control, and control tower facilities. Served as front-line air traffic controller, examiner, and supervisor.
Education: MBA, VCU; MS, Human Resources, Chapman University; BS, Business, CSU

Former O-5/Intelligence Professional with 10 years of corporate experience

Extensive experience in Tactical, Strategic, Counter-Intelligence and HUMINT intelligence production, management, training, and administration. NATO/multinational strategic staff experience.
Corporate experience includes: Program and management support to Army, AFRICOM, DOD and deployed forces Lessons Learned issue resolution process; Managed and supported Supreme Allied Command, Transformation (ACT) NATO Experimentation Program of Work (EPOW) in the development, planning and execution of multi-national operational experiments and NATO concept development; Intelligence and planning senior mentor supporting National Guard units preparation for deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan; Senior analytic support in intelligence, knowledge management, and foreign disclosure for the U.S Joint and Coalition Warfare Center.
Military experience includes: Chief, Counter-Intelligence (CI) for SHAPE during 9-11; CI and HUMINT operational planning and execution for CENTRAL Command operations in Iraq and Somalia; Special Security Officer for CENTRAL Command managing security for over 2,000 personnel, 2 buildings, and over 20 deployed tactical secure facilities; Planning and Exercise leadership for a NATO command and primary mentor for Partnership for Peace training; Management of HUMINT operations and policy for USAREUR; Management of Overt Collection program for the Army; Psychological Operations HHC Commander and product development chief; Platoon Commander for Military Police unit.
Education: BA, International Studies & German Language; Graduate US Army Command and General Staff College, JPME I & II.