Phoenix Group Seaport-e team member, Alidade MER, Inc., provides collaborative services to solve organizational and physical asset reliability management issues.

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Collaborative Solutions to the Issues that Keep You Up at Night

The objective of Alidade MER is to work collaboratively with our clients to solve organizational and physical asset reliability management issues. Regardless of the functional area, organizations are typically in various stages maturity; chaos, stability or high performance. Resources are expended attempting to transition from chaos to high performance without first gaining control of their organization. Lean, Six Sigma, ISO Certification, TQM… are all valuable tools, but their effectiveness is greatly diminished without process discipline or the knowledge gained from having a stable organization.

The heart of our business is the relationship developed with the client. Working as a team, Alidade and the client will design a program that best meets the client's particular situation; strategic planning, leader skills improvements, process improvements and integrated projects resulting in positive reliability and financial results. Alidade will engage the organization in a manner that creates an understanding of the scale of potential accomplishments. An achievable set of objectives are mapped into the future to support the development of the business case which in turn supports the overall strategy. Each step provides tangible results that increasingly add momentum to the business case for continued improvement.

Strategic objectives should provide a vision for transitioning from chaos to stability or from stability to high performance. Alidade provides organizational development guidance and facilitation to leaders and the workforce that helps them align with the strategic objectives of the organization. We seek to support any size client, but particularly small to mid-sized organizations, in defining, achieving and sustaining their strategic objectives. It is our passion to support the leadership team in making these goals a reality.

Alidade has extensive experience in physical asset reliability programs; government, maritime, utilities, process industry and discrete manufacturing. The typical physical asset reliability client may not have sufficient reliability improvement experience or they will be just forming their program. These organizations will benefit greatly from an experienced and objective facilitator, dedicated to their reliability improvements.

Alidade views experienced employees as an asset that must be tapped into. The transition from reactive to stability depends on the experience and knowledge of the workforce. As the workforce churns there is an increasingly urgent need to capture their knowledge and experience before it is lost. As reliability improvements are made human resources can be applied towards proactive activities as opposed to "putting out fires". Organizations are able to realize the true leveraging value of advanced maintenance practices (Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Lean, Six Sigma) and technologies (vibration analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasonics, etc.)

Alidade performs discrete project support, such as specific maintenance technology program design, and other outsourced reliability engineer services. We are available on a contract basis for short or long term project support. Alidade specializes in RCM and RCA engagements that have great ROI implications for our clients. Alidade also has entered into strategic alliances creating the ability to apply the right solutions in a scalable fashion, cost effectively for our clients.

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