Phoenix Group Seaport-e team member, AVW Technologies, provides professional engineering services, test and evaluation support, and shipbuilding engineering management consulting.

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AVW Technologies, Inc. is a small, veteran-owned business that provides Professional Engineering Services, Test and Evaluation Support, and Shipbuilding Engineering Management Consulting. Our efforts to date have primarily been focused on surface ship acquisition, from Design through Production and Test and Lifecycle Management. AVW is also a recognized leader in the use of Integrated Product Data Environments and Digital Product Models to support Ship Acquisition, as well as the use of Modeling and Simulation technologies to support Design, Production, and Test and Evaluation.

At AVW Technologies, our team of former Naval Professionals is skilled in Acquisition, Engineering and T&E Management, and Naval Warfare. Our staff includes many former Operational Test Directors, Operational Test Coordinators, and military analysts with matrixed military experience across technical/warfare disciplines, including:

Surface Combatants, Amphibs, CVN, Aviation, E-2, TACAIR, USMC, Staffs Combat Systems HM&E, Suitability, AAW, ASW, MIW, STW/LAW, SUW, C4ISR, IW, AMW/EXW + Seabasing, AT-FP, Coastal Warfare CT/DT/LFT/OT, Systems Engineering, JCIDS/Requirements, IPT Management M&S Management Our company takes pride in hiring only the most qualified personnel and making them available to our customers cost-effectively. We endeavor to remain current with the Doctrine and Policies of today’s revolution in military affairs. We are committed to supporting our clients to our fullest capabilities, and we encourage all our staff to go the extra mile to meet their customers’ needs.

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