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Mountain Home Training and Consulting, Inc. (MHTC) is an industry leader in providing thought-provoking education, training, and consulting services in organizational transformation through one of the most unique programs of study available anywhere. Their Business Process Reengineering/Business Process Improvement (BPR/BPI) methodology, training curriculum and certification programs integrates the best of their years of experience of providing the Mountain Home Institute for Innovative Management (MHi) BPR Certification Program Training Series with leading edge principles of knowledge management, enterprise performance management, and change management. This mix provides a dynamic training and consulting environment where an individual can discover how to lead an organization through the transformation of its cross-functional core processes and culture, enabling it to produce significant gains in performance in a much shorter time than ever before. This is accomplished through the creation of a "real-world" learning environment that integrates knowledge transferred in workshop sessions with immediate application of that knowledge through the use of collaborative technologies, in real-time.

Specific areas of Expertise:

Consulting -- We can assist your organization in identifying and implementing significant improvements in processes that lead to quantum leaps in performance beginning with initial strategic and business planning through preparing your employees for the changes that come with Business Process Reengineering (BPR). Since information technology is a key enabler for an organization to achieve quantum leaps in performance, we also provide the organization with assistance in developing strategies that integrate technology with the organization's overall strategic direction. Process modeling/mapping, activity based costing, performance management, culture change, knowledge capture/analysis/use, and business case development are some of the specific areas of Mountain Home consultant expertise.

Training -- MHTC has extensive experience in training organizations in all areas of Business Process Improvement and Reengineering. Starting in 1989, while still part of the U.S. Army Management Engineering College (AMEC), the founders of MHTC developed two widely recognized Enterprise Training Programs in the area of Information/Knowledge Management for the Department of the Army and the highly acclaimed Department of Defense (DoD)/MHi Business Process Reengineering Certification Program. These training programs have set the standard for process improvement training and implementation across the Federal government, as well as many commercial sector organizations.
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