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The Point 5 Bench

Former USAF Air Battle Manager/C2 Officer with 15 years corporate experience & extensive joint and combined expertise
Operations Research Analyst and Former Navy O-6 Nuclear-Trained Submariner with 21 years of corporate experience
Former Army Officer with expertise in logistics
Former US Army O5 with 28 years in Special Operations (Civil Affairs, Peace Operations and Psychological Operations); PhD and internationally recognized expert
Former O-7/Army Combat Arms officer with extensive NATO experience
Former O-5 US Army Communications/Information Systems and Public Affairs Officer with 13 years of Corporate Experience
Former O5 US Army Combat Arms Officer with 19 years of corporate experience
Former O-6/Army Aviator with over 6 years of corporate experience
Operations Research Analyst / Former USAF O-5
Former USN Nuclear-Trained Surface Warfare Officer with 16 years of corporate experience
Former Civil Service with 36 years of DOD/DON experience
Retired Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officer (Naval Engineering) with over 30 years of service
Former USAF Air Traffic Control/C2 Officer with 10 years of corporate experience
18 Years Corporate Experienced Program Manager and prior USN
Former O-5/Intelligence Professional with 10 years of corporate experience
Management Consultant, former Chief Financial Officer, and former US Coast Guard Officer
Navy Flag Officer with 16 years corporate experience. Executive Director of Phoenix Group