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Training Flag Kits

These Shipboard flag training sets are excellent for training crew members in damage control, system color-coding, and feature advanced damage control software systems symbology. Standardizes damage control training throughout the fleet Provides visual shipboard casualty damage presentation for damage control, main space, and fire fighting Reduces verbal disclosure and confusion

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DC Flag Kit

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Fire Kit

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Inport Emergency Kit

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Main Space Kit

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Structural Kit

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DC Bags

Damage Control Bags provide a comprehensive, compact and durable AEL/repair locker assignment-driven stowage container for all tools, equipment and consumables necessary to support damage control repair stations (DCRS)

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The Damage Control Portable Plugging at Patching Kit (PPPK) is intended for rapid deployment for patching and plugging onboard military and commercial ships. It also makes a great rescue and assistance kit.

The PPPK is designed to hold the most common items needed to quickly respond to flooding due to piping rupture, hull, or bulkhead breach. The PPPK is constructed of durable DuPont Cordura® to provide years of durability. The PPPK is made with pockets and Velcro® straps to hold the contents in place during storage and transport and with tabs to accept tamper seals to protect against theft. Pockets for sharp items are fitted with heavy duty plastic shields to prevent injury to the kit or personnel. It is fitted with multiple exterior straps to allow for storage by hanging, hanging in a compartment while in use and for passing from ship to ship or through scuttles. It is specifically designed to hang behind a 26" X 66" watertight door when the door is latched open. It can be transported as a single unit or broken into two units, one containing the tools and the other the plugging and patching materials. The units are joined using corrosion resistant heavy duty clips or can be fitted with a full zipper. Each side and pocket is labeled with retro-reflective lettering for ease of location in low light and for quickly inventorying and restowing components.

The PPPK is available as the kit bag only or can be purchased with all items.

Available in Navy Blue. Other colors available (Call for pricing).

Portable Plugging and Patching Kit (P3K)

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Utility Belt

High Visibility Belt for use by watch standers and repair party personnel. Large Pocket to carry all necessary notebooks, logs, tools, radio, etc.
Utility Belts

Overhaul GloveBags

Purpose of the bag is to stow throw-away gloves for use in clean up of debris during post overhaul operations

For pricing information, please contact Stephen Clock (National Sales Director) at (O)757.228.1730x329, (C)757.615.2367 or email at

Overhaul Bag 2

Crash and Salvage

Conex boxes can house a variety of tools, mounting boards, shelves, and other equipment. All items meet rigorous specifications as set by the US navy.
Customized options are available. Please contact us for pricing.
Crash and Salvage Locker


Using SCBA Covers is an excellent way to keep your Self Contained Breathing Apparatus clean and dust free. We now offer MDL-12A SCBA Covers, which have larger dimensions than the standard SCBA cover.
SCBA Cover

SCBA Lockers

Breathable Air Compressor (BAC) Enclosure

BAC Enclosures protect SCBA refilling compressors from the harsh environment commonly found while at sea.
"PHOENIX GROUP of Chesapeake, VA was an excellent choice to use for the fabrication of the SCBA bottle storage lockers and BAC covers, the positive attitude of the staff was phenomenal. They were easy to work with, had great input and the experience and the work quality was exceptional. We look forward to working with them on additional projects within SFLC/ESD/SSB/DCLSE. Having them in cooperation with our projects will ensure a high rate of success and we want to sincerely thank them for their efforts." -United States Coast Guard
For pricing and purchasing information contact: 757 228 1730 x329
Breathable Air Compressor (BAC) Enclosure