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Asset Management

Our asset management expertise includes various inventory management applications utilized with our products and services since our business began. They have volved to include shipboard damage control, personell protective equipment both afloat and ashore, emergency distaster relief and for police, fire and EMS.

Phoenix Group developed the Total Asset Visibility and Logistics Support System (TAVALSS) for FEMA first responders. TAVALSS is a PC-based automated asset visibility and logistics support system. It was built for FEMA Task Forces to effectively accomplish assigned operational tasks related to a given mission. The system is robust, accurate, reliable, adaptable to most any operating environment, and facilitates mobility of operations. TAVALSS manages and tracks cache equipment and supplies, stores and report Task Force personnel data, expedites activities during activation, and effectively supports logistics operations during catastrophic events.

Phoenix Group has also developed SENTINEL, a web based inventory management system that tracks personnel as well. SENTINEL is a reliable and adaptable department-wide management system that tracks equipment and personnel. Management categories include purchase, issue, asaset location, maintenance scheduling, and more. The core of SENTINEL is the ability to design the software in order to meet each client's individual needs. This allows clients to form not only a unified picture of all department assets, but also organize and manage those assets across the board independent of the size or operatin structure of their department.

Phoenix Group is also a sub-contractor for the National Ship Transfer and Repair (NSTAR) Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract. Our experienced staff oversees the purchase, storage, and shipment of a vast array of products and gear.