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Program Management Support

Phoenix Group's Program Management System includes all aspects of contract management, performance monitoring, quality assurance, and risk identification and management. Phoenix Group maximizes contract performance by establishing clear lines of authority and communication between customer representatives and team members, focusing on performance improvement throughout the contract and measuring service performance at the individual employee level. We use proven management principles and tools to meet contract and task order performance and deliverable requirements. Our approach incorporates an effective measurable change management strategy. Phoenix Group constantly examines business processes to identify opportunities to streamline, accelerate activities, minimize risk, and eliminate waste to reduce risk and costs to our customers.

Improvement methods rely on effective team development, disciplined improvement approaches, supportive data collection and meaningful analyses. These principles are complicated when drawing on real-world workers representing diverse backgrounds, different geographic locations and varying experience level. Phoenix Group employees masterfully weave each of these elements into cohesive solutions for Program Executive Office, Aircraft Carriers projects including Refueling Complex Overhaul (RCOH), Carrier Inactivation and Aircraft Carrier Logistics. For over 20 years, out employees stood alongside Aircraft Carrier maintenance professionals monitoring all aspects of the maintenance and modernization lifecycle, including planning work and ensuring it is completed successfully. Our Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) certification team ensures all logistics support products and tools are ready to support for the supply system. We provide an integrated data capture and tracking data dashboard supporting Government-sponsored RCOH work under our Waterfront Engineering Support (WES) team in Newport News, VA.

Our team provides workshops tailored to solve specific problems including strategic planning, process evaluation/design and government review/analyses of contractor proposals. We support over 50 concurrent Integrated Process Teams (IPTs) with meeting agendas, minutes, action items and supporting documents so that team members and the team leader can focus on solving problems. Our personnel help team leaders meet prescribed objectives with services including: strategic plans development and implementation, team orientation workshops, develop and publish agendas, facilitate team meetings, conduct training in decision-making and process analysis tools, record team activities and records such as minutes, action items, and key decisions.