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Logistics/Engineering Support

Phoenix Group develops shipboard drawings in accordance with U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard requirements. We conduct ship checks and prepare removal and installation drawings and confirm compliance with configuration requirements.

Phoenix Group has extensive experience in scheduling, manpower management, material support, and technical support for alterations on all classes of surface ships and aircraft carriers with experience working in both private and public shipyards. We provided SCBA cabinets and installation kits for the U.S. Coast Guard to upgrade spare cylinder stowage on board its buoy tenders, medium and high endurance cutters. We designed a method to install cabinets over tanks using the epoxy fastening method greatly reducing the cost of the upgrade.

We routinely complete all pre-installation requirements for Regional Maintenance and Modernization Coordination Office (RMMCO) check-in and post-installation requirements for RMMCO check-out.

Phoenix Group is a qualified Alteration Installation Team (AIT) complying with NAVSEA Technical Specification 9090.310 Series and our NAVSEA approved Quality Management System (QMS) manual. We understand that quality management consists of three fundamental components – Quality Planning, Assurance and Control - that work together to ensure that needs and expectations are met.

Phoenix Group has analyzed and created classroom and online training products. We provided services to the US Coast Guard Logistics Transformation Team in legacy and newly introduced logistics processes and software programs and to allied forces in shipboard Damage Control practices.

Phoenix Group manages its own warehouse in Chesapeake, VA. We routine receive, store, and ship material for government and private sector customers. We have a strong import/export compliance program to ensure we meet all International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) regulations. We barcode inventory and scan it into databases provided by the customer or to our own databases. We possess significant experience in kitting various types of equipment.